Innisfil Gentlemens Hockey League



Started in 1988 at Lefroy Rink as a very competitive hockey league of older than 35 hockey players, We play hard and play fair. Innisfil has produced so many hockey talents over the decades. such a geat hockey town.

It began as the original six Teams Wings, Leafs,Hawks, Flyers, Rangers, Bruins. Currently Flyers, Chiefs, Tangle Creek, Predators, Mustangs, Duffers. As years past the Team names changed, Flyers are the only Remaining Original Team;

The League has several veterns Players of 15+ years or more, the odd NHLer oldtimer, different skill levels, varing ages of 30 to 60 years old all with one common goal of playing hockey. Without a doubt the best men's league out there
We do it 2 times week, how many times do you do it?

We like to keep the league small just six teams, 100 players from small town Innisfil. being small you know your opponents and over years of playing together, long time friendships are made. This makes for clean fast hockey. Everyone works in the morning.

The league almost shut down in 2011 as we lost ice time to Outside triple A teams. With the great Help from Mike Power and Mike Magill they managed to get back ice time and take over the league

Current league is 30 regular season games, a round robin playoff of 5 games each, and Gold, Silver, and Bronze final.
Total 36 games.


IGHL Donates $1000 for Swings
Sunset Park in Stroud